Sorry for cross tagging, but this is an honest question. If you’re going to claim that ships and fan content can convince people that pedophilia and child abuse are okay, don’t action movies normalize murder? They certainly do glorify the act. Action heroes kill people all the time and they’re clearly meant to be the good guys. Sometimes they’re even the hero because they’re so good at murder. So if fiction can convince people that such a universally hated crime as abusing children is okay, why don’t action movies convince them that murder is okay?

actually, they do

a man imitating the joker shot up a movie theater, killing 12
a pedophile murdered a 15 year old girl based on the movie scream
a teenager killed his 10 year old brother, which was inspired by the tv show dexter

all of these took less than 15 minutes to find, and there were plenty more examples i could have included. people have been convinced by action movies that violent crimes and murder are okay. the same goes for pedophilia and abuse, without a question

So are you against action movies? Do you believe that violence should never be portrayed in fiction? Never mind the fact that copycat crimes are only indirectly linked to media and don’t increase the overall number of criminals, just influence how certain crimes take place. I want to know if you think violence in fiction should be banned.

of course we shouldnt ban action movies or media with violence. you asked for examples, and i provided. but if youre going to use that to defend shipping pedophilic ships, dont even start. pedophilia is on a whole other scale of disgusting, and is not an equal to violence.

also i took a look at ur page and being pro fujoshi is pro homophobia and fetishism lol so maybe stay 63628478284 feet away from gay guys thanks

If you’re going to claim that action movies cause murder, why wouldn’t you want to ban them? Don’t you want to prevent real life murders? Unless of course you realize that fiction isn’t responsible for copycat killings and doesn’t actually make normal people become violent criminals out of nowhere. Because then claiming that it makes normal people into pedophiles would be hypocritical.

If anything, it should be harder to convince people that abusing children is okay. There’s such a heavy social stigma on the act. Like you said, we see it as “a whole other scale of disgusting.” Look at how child molesters are treated in prison. Do you really think that pedophilia can be normalized easier than murder?

We’re not talking about fujoshi right now. If you want my opinion on that topic, check out my “pro fujoshi” tag. It explains my stance pretty extensively.

I’m crying why are antis like this

incest fanfiction is gonna make somebody go fuck their little brother so we have to ban it and harass anyone who violates the ban to keep them in line, but violent movies which cause murder are okay to exist

?????? you’re wrong on every single fucking level imaginable

“Pedophilia is on a whole other scale of disgusting”

I really think we have found a real-time example of moral dumbfounding, where there’s a clear and obvious contradiction going on here (pedophilia and abuse are worse than murder and mutilation????) but the impulse of disgust is so strong that they’re not willing to look past it. They find depictions of pedophilia more disgusting and horrifying than depictions of violence, so they must be morally worse.

So just like, for the record, there’s only really three possible conclusions here.

– media causes an increase in the crimes depicted, especially though not exclusively crimes depicted without clear moral consequence. All media depicting violent crimes should be heavily censored for the protection of society.

– media does not cause an increase in crimes, but merely inspires people who were willing to commit crimes to do it in a certain way which they saw in media. Media is not harmful to the vast majority of consumers and should not be censored, even media that we personally find disgusting and don’t want to expose ourselves to.

– apparently, media causes an increase in depicted crimes, but we only censor the crimes that we find most disgusting? And not even “we” but just like…… some people. Increasing murder is fine, of course we shouldn’t ban that, it’s not nearly as…. gross? (I happen to disagree that violence and murder are less gross, anyways, I hate action and horror movies, but that’s neither here nor there.)

Like…. just….. admit that you want to get rid of media that you find disgusting, not because it’s causing some greater evil to be inflicted on the world, but just because you find it more disgusting.

(And then, preferably, consider that disgust is a personal emotion and not an objective truth, and policing a stranger’s actions based on your personal emotions is…… pretty manipulative. But that’s pretty far. A stretch goal. The first admission would be plenty.)

Maybe they don’t actually think murder is wrong? It would be consistent with the frequent anti tendency to threaten people with murder.


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