Target Culture, Ideas, and Behavior, Not People



The most effective way to break down systems of oppression is to target culture, ideas, and problematic behavior, rather than people.

Think about this next time you make a post railing about how horrible white people are, or how horrible straight people are, or how horrible men are.

By doing this you may actually be fueling these systems of oppression.  When you attack these people with personal attacks or broad generalizations, you alienate people who might otherwise be sympathetic to your cause.  You make them less likely to listen if you point out a legitimate concern to them.

The problem is not white people, the problem is racism.  The problem is not straight people, the problem is heteronormativity.  The problem is not men, the problem is sexism and misogyny.

I feel kinda sad that it’s been four years and this post only has 10 notes, and I’ve seen all sorts of contrary stuff circulating with a lot more notes.

How many people feel the way I do about this one? I really hope there are a lot more people out there who agree about thiis stuff. I think it’s super important!


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