Unpopular opinions, “I saw Goody Proctor with the devil and her Voltron ships were problematic” edition


You want to know how we got Conservative Protestantism in a Gay Hat?

We got it through “shut up, check your privilege, listen, and amplify.”

Through “you don’t get an opinion on this” and “educate yourself on why I’m right before you dare claim the right to participate in this conversation.”

Through “any expression of marginalized anger is ipso-facto justified, hdu tone-police it.”

We got it by refusing to allow anyone to question the conclusions that people–fallible humans raised in conservative societies–drew from the events of their individual lives, as long as they threw the words “lived experience” around and claimed the relevant group memberships.

We got it through every single social norm put in place to silence criticism of minority voices. To automatically boost the credibility of anyone claiming to speak on behalf of the oppressed. To dismantle every vector through which that credibility could be thrown into doubt. To pressure people into taking credible speakers on faith and becoming enforcers for views they hadn’t even been fully persuaded of.

We got it because we stopped tolerating doubt of anything dressed in a legit-looking gay hat.

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