do adults really not have anything better to do than continuously be freaks on the internet? like go do your fucking taxes or something and stop writing about kids fucking what the hell is wrong with you. grow up



Anon, I think you got lost and ended up on an adult blog flagged as NSFW (which is one step above NC17, by the way), got all pissed off by adult content posted on an adult blog, and then decided to personally interact with one of said adults about what adults do in their free time on their adult NSFW flagged blogs. 

Turn around, close the door behind you, walk back to a safe space where you’re surrounded by things that make you happy. The internet is a scary place and doesn’t cater to anyone in particular, please don’t wander around without a grown up accompanying you if you can’t handle it. 

P.S. I’ll give you an insight on how great being an adult is: so long as I’m not breaking any law, I can do what I want and I don’t depend on anyone giving me permission. Nice, innit? Definitely something you can look forward to! 

P.P.S. for my adult readers: good reminder by anon, do your taxes, pay your bills, do your groceries, iron your clothes, wash the dishes, do that laundry that has been sitting in the basket for five days, and then sit down on the sofa with a nice hot beverage of your choice and relax with a good smut or whump or fluff or whatever strikes your fancy (be it reading it or writing it). You’re doing great, I’m proud of you. 

In my experience, taxes are something I do for a couple hours once a year. That still leaves plenty of time to write about kids fucking.


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