I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to say, y’all, but your Jewish friends are probably not okay right now.

Take care of them. Don’t ask for emotional labor; provide emotional support.


That is some whattaboutism right out of the Russian troll playbook.


It’s not whataboutism though. It’s the disturbingly common antisemitism found in liberal/leftist circles where apparently all Jewish people are required to pass a test regarding their exact position on Israel in order to be considered good/acceptable. This one isn’t on the Russian Trolls, this is our (leftist gentiles) own problem to face and shut down.


I’m not even Jewish, but like… Can’t you have complicated emotions about Israel? I mean *I* have complicated emotions about Israel.

Like… If you don’t have complicated emotions about any country, you don’t know about it. You can have the happiest most innocent country in the world and *something* going on there will be problematic. And the most despicable country will have *something* cool.

Do you know the coolest Israel thing? Hebrew *used to* be a dead language. It is the only language to have resurrected. Ever.

Oh, yeah.

And the research effort involved in resurrecting Hebrew has made Israel one of the foremost places for studying linguistics. As a psych major, I’ve read a ton of cool papers on language development from Israel.

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