Here’s to the Asexuals who are also disabled.

I occasionally see,

“Just because I’m disabled doesn’t mean I’m asexual!”


“Just because I’m asexual doesn’t mean I’m disabled!”

Here’s to the beautiful human beings who are both.

In addition, if your disability is the cause of your identity as an asexual, you are NOT LESS ACE because of it. You are valid, and you belong here.

This also goes for aro people too, especially mentally ill/disabled aros.

There’s a huge, nasty intersection of amisia and ableism, and so many people will try to use romantic attraction & relationships as redeeming qualities for disabled/ill people (even though disabled/ill people don’t need to be redeemed for being disabled/ill.)

So to all disabled & ill aros:

  • Your aromanticism is real
  • Your aromanticism is healthy
  • It’s okay to be aromantic and disabled/ill, you aren’t fulfilling stereotypes or being bad representation
  • You’re cool as hell, keep up the good work

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