I once found an anti complaining that their younger cousin couldn’t look up Black Butler without finding porn. That’s about as dumb as complaining that the Berserk, Kill La Kill, or Attack on Titan fandoms aren’t wholesome or family friendly.




Huh would you look at that?

Yeah obviously if their younger cousin isn’t old enough to know that porn exists, then they shouldn’t be watching Black Butler in the first place.

Even if that younger cousin is 15 or 16, I know teens that age shouldn’t look at porn because it’s illegal but… let’s be real, they’ve probably seen and talked about worse things at their friend’s sleepovers. Some Black Butler smut won’t scar them at that age.

Honestly, I think it’s sweet of them to pretend to believe their cousin’s ‘Uh, no, of course I wasn’t looking for porn, the internet just gave it to me AGAINST MY WILL’ explanation for how all that smut got onto the computer.

What’s especially fucked up is that if I recall the cousin was actually in her early twenties and attending university.


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