What is EpileptiCon?

EpileptiCon is sort of festival or convention for people who have epilepsy, right here on Tumblr. It takes place during the first week of November. 

Here’s the concept: for a week, we

generate a burst of activity in a community that is typically quiet and gloomy, flooding the tags and each other’s dashboards with epilepsy content, talking about ourselves and our interests as epileptics. 

Okay, but why?

You might have noted that EpileptiCon coincides with Epilepsy Awareness Month. This is by design. @the-twitchy-life and I conceived of the idea of EpileptiCon as an alternative to attempting to raise awareness, because we believe that Epilepsy Awareness Month should be for people who have epilepsy.

Epilepsy Awareness Month isn’t even really about people who have epilepsy, at least not directly; it’s about epilepsy itself.  Epilepsy Awareness Month isn’t for us, either. It is for people who do not have it, because the whole point is to improve public awareness and understanding of epilepsy. Those of us who are living with epilepsy are already quite aware of it and have no need of an awareness campaign.

Furthermore, it’s generally on us to scrounge up the spoons to do the work, and as you all know, spoons are always in short supply. I believe that energy would be better spent reaching out to each other. It is immediately rewarding and satisfying to bond with someone who gets it, and takes far less effort than scrounging up dry infographics and articles for people who don’t understand.

EpileptiCon was conceived because we need to take time to celebrate ourselves and each other for our ongoing efforts to survive and persevere in the face of adversity. So we feel less alone, so we feel more comfortable and safe talking about it, get some things off of our chest and maybe achieve a little catharsis.

How do I participate?

Make epilepsy-themed posts and tag them with “EpileptiCon.” They don’t have to be high-quality or time-consuming. In fact, they can and should be completely bonkers because dwelling on how epilepsy is terrible is a good way to get burned out. The goal is quantity, and whatever fun you can wring out of it. 

If you want to do a big write-up about an epilepsy-related thing that is important to you, go for it! Just remember that you are absolutely free to pour low-effort epilepsy shitposts into the tag for everyone to see. It’s also absolutely cool to repost your old stuff, though you should remember that reblogging it instead of doing a copy-paste into a fresh post won’t drop it into the tag for public viewing.

I’ll watch the #epilepticon tag in addition to all the others (#epilepsy, #epileptic, #seizure, etc.) and reblog everything that comes through it. If you’re not comfortable with that on your blog, feel free to submit to @the-twitchy-life or myself. We’ll get you the spotlight you deserve.

If you need inspiration or motivation, I’ll have another post on that soon.

Do you have to have epilepsy to participate in this?


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