BL fans are valid people y’all. The stuff that people complain about have since mostly been addressed, and they’re akin to someone’s weeaboo phase in say like, high school or something. So that means that most likely, the annoying person you’re complaining about is a teenager or very much young adult. I’d say just tap them on the shoulder and ask that they be more respectful of real people; assuming that they have crossed that line. Other than that, if it’s all strictly fictional and don’t bother actual people, then I don’t really see the issue here tbh.

I dunno, I feel like I’m too old to get worked up over someone’s ships, especially if it’s BL. As long as you aren’t hurting real people and understand that not everyone will like what you do, then there’s no real arguments to be made here. Stay in your lane, and we’ll stay in ours. Or at least, that’s how should be imho. 

Fujoshi means a female fan of slash (m/m) content. Nothing more, nothing less. It has absolutely nothing to do with fetishization. Inconsiderate-types exist, but you can find that in any fandom you know.

Also, I’m generally pretty annoyed with the erasure that comes with fujoshi discourse. Because apparently we’re all watered down to cishet women, despite that there’s a decent portion of queer fans like myself out here. By the by, I’m a fudanshi for the record. That means I’m a male fan of BL, and when I express my disagreement with anti-fujoshi, they just…completely write me off as a woman and not a queer man like they claim to protect. We’re not a monolith, y’all. We’re really not and if it’s your disposition to ignore our voices and identities (which are just as valid) if you disagree with our opinions, then you don’t make for a very good ally. It’s one thing to not agree, because that’s perfectly fine. It’s just that I find the louder bunch to be quite rude, and frankly, queerphobic. 

Fujoshi discourse should have been buried years ago, but y’know, queerphobia and all lmao

There are assholes in any fandom. Hell, there are assholes in any hobby, period. But weirdly, the usual solution to that is assumed to be ‘educate the assholes on how to behave properly’ not ‘burn the entire hobby to the ground’. Wonder what could possibly be the difference with BL…

I think it’s recycled TERF rhetoric against gay trans guys.


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