I wish i could find this one article written in I believe the 90’s that went under the radar on abortion. The author said that the “life” arguments are basically useless on either side and what actually matters is that humans shouldn’t have a right to use other human bodies as a resource without consent no matter how alive or sentient they are, even if they’re on the brink of death you have the right to deny them access to you. It probably was too radical for pro-choice activists back in those days but like…that’s the most robust arguement lol so we need 2 being that back and dead the pontifications and splitting hairs about “life” in my honest onion

I found it. Actually, it was written in the 70’s. She was way ahead of the curve.

The article is ‘A Defense of Abortion’ by Judith Jarvis Thomson. Essential reading!,Fall02/thomson.htm

If the consequences for you are a temporary inconvenience stacked against literal life or death for the unborn child, life wins out in my moral opinion.

Seriously, is less than nine months of your life equal the entirety of someone else’s?


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