@thecatthatwatchesyou asked: 
So I know this says Ideas but I got an account pretty recently after running into whumping on pintrest (I’m in love) and I want to contribute to the whumper population but I’m not at all confident and you seem nice so if you have any suggestions then like that’s great. I tend to think of things based on prompts, rather than come up with any myself. Is there a place for short things with just random not really fleshed out characters written only to expand on the prompt? 

First of all: welcome to the community! I recommend following people such as @fyeahvulnerablemen@bromanceandships @pan2fel and @x-wingsandarchers to get more familiar within the community as well as small events such as fic exchanges that occasionally happen, (Also my main blog is @whumpywhumpas

As far as the ‘place for short things’ I’d just suggest writing and posting straight to your tumblr (Just remember to tag appropriately eg, if it contains whump add the tag ‘whump’) Alternatively you could create a Wattpad accounts and create a ‘drabbles’ book and share a link via tumblr. But there are other writing sharing sites such as Archive of Our Own [x] or [x]

I hope this has helped! 
Once again, welcome and happy whumping 🙂 

Please not Wattpad! It’s a nightmare to try to read anything on Wattpad if you don’t have a Wattpad account!


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