ereri antis were my first look at antis here- in a “I was browsing stuff and saw an anti post and was very confused” way. I didn’t even know shit about AoT then. I shrugged and kept scrolling. ereri seemed like the kind of ship I wouldn’t like anyways, so I ignored all about it and lived on. then I watched s1 and was convinced eren was at least 19 for some reason, which made the antis sound dumber. was baffled when I learned he wasn’t 19 pff. anyway, I hear he is 19 now? I feel validated lol


I have watched exactly none of attack on titan because I can’t handle gore and ESPECIALLY not vore, so I’ve actually got no idea how old the main characters are? aren’t they in the military?

I’ve read some AU ereri fic because it’s exactly the kind of ship I would like, and eren’s been 18-20 in all of those, so I just assumed that was his canon-ish age.

Oh, yeah, you wouldn’t get through the first episode!

They are in the military. It’s unclear how old they are, and I wouldn’t put it past their country to have child soldiers, but they seem at least late teens/early twenties. And in any case, if they’re under 18, they’re clearly treated as adults, so I doubt they’re under their country’s age of consent.

Honestly, I really wouldn’t recommend the show to antis. It has tons of graphic violence, even a little bit of sexual violence, and it’s full of moral complexity since the governmental style is heavily inspired by Nazi Germany with many of the flaws that would suggest. (Essentially, the story seems to be a thought experiment about what would happen if fascists were fighting actual monsters instead of a made-up threat, and showing how being ruled by a fascist government is still a bad thing.)


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