If someone could explain to me why otherkin is a thing, and why people are positive it’s belongs under the LGBTQ+ umbrella, please explain. I mean, why?? Why is this a thing?? Who made it up??

Hey, @starry-eyed-fan I think I can help actually.  First, thanks for asking and not just assuming.

I will provide links to some sources and resources at the end, but for now I’ll give you the short short version ad lib.

No actual otherkin want otherkin to be under the LGBTQ+ umbrella. Many of us are actually queer. I myself am a demisexual trans woman. Being otherkin has nothing at all to do with gender or sexuality and we all know that. 

The claim that otherkin want to be considered part of the queer community was manufactured by trolls who pretend to be otherkin and/or who openly harass us and send us hateful or even threatening messages for entertainment.

Any time you see someone claiming to be otherkin and claiming they should be considered part of the LGBT community, they’re not really otherkin. They’re either trolls deliberately spreading false information because they think hurting other people is funny, or they’re people who don’t understand what it means to be otherkin and need to be educated.

Being otherkin means believing that one is, either spiritually or psychologically, either partially or wholly something other than human. It is completely involuntary, and it’s a phenomenon which is as old as human society. There are references to similar concepts dating back at least to the iron age. The Celtic bard Taliesin referenced past lives as creatures other than human. 

Some of us choose to explain it as a psychological phenomenon (because it’s involuntary, and people are free to explain their lived experiences any way they wish) while for others it is a spiritual phenomenon. 

For me personally, it’s a deeply ingrained part of my religious faith. I am a dragon, and a servant of Hekate and the Hellenic gods of the Underworld, and an ordained minister and priestess at an eclectic pagan church.

The community as it stands now began in the 60′s with a group who considered themselves to be reincarnated elves, and separately in the late 80′s/early 90′s online, out of a social media group centered around werewolves which slowly became the first therian community. The term otherkin was coined by the elf group. I can’t remember the year, but I will provide a source you can check for exact dates.

My FAQ [link] has the answers to a few questions, as well as a masterpost. The first three posts on the masterpost deal with some common “anti-kin” arguments, a few of the ways some of us explain why we believe as we do, and some myths and misconceptions explained, respectively. The third one (What Otherkin Is and Isn’t) in particular is as detailed as I could make it.

My link to Orion’s history of the community seems to be broken so here’s [link] the abridged version from their Tumblr.

If you have any questions you can feel free to ask. Reblog or DM, whatever you’re comfortable with.

This is a really nice explanation – and yeah, even if some (many? most?) Otherkin types (I still have trouble with that word – for me it’ll always be draconity, since that’s what it was called when I found “my people” so to speak) fit under the LGBTQ+ umbrella (NB Demi/Ace pan-and-polyromantic dracotype here) … that doesn’t mean that Otherkin itself should be part of the umbrella, just that some of us fit there *too*.

I started in the therian community myself and then found the term otherkin, and the dragon community that way and wound up on Draconic for a bit when it was still active.

I’d just like to mention that sometimes aspects of yourself that fall under LGBTQ can be linked to being otherkin.

I’m fictionflickers, and a lot of why I identify as genderfluid is because of my fictionflickers. Basically, sometimes I temporarily involuntarily copy aspects of fictional characters – personality traits, body image, and gender identity. The gender identity part of that automatically makes me somewhat genderfluid (although I also have fluidity between girl and genderqueer/autigender that has nothing to do with my fictionflickers).


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