What kind of a Tumblr would your OC have?

Magdalena’s would be a carefully curated, vaguely seductive aesthetic blog intermixed with the occasional informational rant about how to run a good care home.

Trevor would have a completely empty blog with a long list of people he follows. He checks regularly but never likes anything because he’s paranoid about giving away anything about himself.

Annelise’s blog would be filled with informational posts about medicine and magic, intermixed with the occasional spirited intellectual argument with others who post similar content. Mean anons would be ruthlessly mocked and their logic torn to shreds.

Divad’s blog would be a mix of herbology lore, comments on how the taste of blood can tell you about someone’s health, advice about animal husbandry and hunting, and random family stories.

Zoldrak’s blog would be full of legal and tactical advice for vampires worried about being targeted by slayers, as well as arguments with people who are anti-cop on Tumblr.


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