Friendly reminder that if you follow up ‘harassing other people is bad’ with ‘unless’ or ‘but’, you don’t actually think harassment is bad. You think it’s bad unless the ‘right’ people are being harassed. 

Sorry miss fujoshi have you forgotten about nazis and pedos?

Don’t call me ‘miss’ and if you’ll look at the OPs tags, it’s about shipping.

Harassment is at best pointless, even against a ‘deserving’ target.

A Nazi isn’t going to stop being a Nazi because they get some mean anons. In fact, since their ideology positions themselves as the victims of forces determined to undermine their wonderful society, mean anons might actually help solidify their viewpoint.

Plus, there’s no court of law for internet harassment, no standard of evidence, and often no way to call it off once new data comes to light. Innocent people can and do get targeted based on lies, misunderstandings, or identity theft, and once the callout is made, there’s no taking it back.


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