I just had a world building epiphany that came out of nowhere. I’ve been wondering for ages why my main continent has no contact with anyone outside that and why no one leaves the continent when they certainly have the technology. (It’s a near contemporary world.) I was theorizing maybe they were just happy there or the weather was too bad outside the continent to cross the oceans or there was magic preventing them from reaching other places, but none of these really worked. 

It just hit me. What if the reason they don’t travel to other continents is because there aren’t any other ones? What if their world never broke up into continents and remained just one landmass? That would explain so much. This is going to mean research for what it would mean to have land that large and the climates and things, and it would mean redrawing the map a little, but this wouldn’t really effect anything about my main country since my main country is an island not far from the mainland. (And I already know the fact that Concordia exists is entirely due to magic. it started off a tiny island not much bigger than a single hill until the basically-sentient magic lowered the water level and stuff and ultimately created a very large island tied to the mainland.)

It’s also possible that there is another land mass and it sunk or magic does keep it hidden or something, but I love the idea that this is basically the only place on the world, so no one has traveled anywhere else because there’s nowhere else to go. So this is something to think about as I work on the series and eventually move the stories outside of Concordia.



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