ooooooohhhhh I recently got included in a callout for “incest shippers”, that’s what’s happening to my notes



Quick, guys, give me an incest ship to have, I haven’t had one in almost 2 years and now I have a reputation to uphold


chasriel especially… I got back into undertale hard this week and realized the truly incredible amount of angst I’d been missing out on by not reading fics that featured Chara. and the betrayal? asriel’s corruption? can’t wait to cry

i also spent a good 30 seconds going “are metaton and napstablook………. related????”

rapid-fire reply time because I love…. all of these suggestions so much, thank you

man I’ve hardly ever discussed ACTUAL ship opinions on here before…… please nobody be upset if I don’t share a ship (or ship your NOTP), this’ll be a rare occurence and I still support all ships unconditionally. all opinions are my own etc

no hate but hanzo is like, world-endingly boring and genji deserves better. unless they share mccree? that could work

twincest is good, poly twins is even better. think of the prank potential. incredible

shit I HAVE shipped some incest ships this year, I totally forgot these!!

adoptive is still incest but YEEEAAAHHHH

I immediately texted a friend about “OK, BUT, ASRIEL AND CHARA TALKING ABOUT HOW THEYRE GOING TO MAKE A WORLD JUST FOR THEM” so I think that one wins in terms of things i might actually produce content for

shoutout to homestuck where you could argue that everything is incest and everything is canon. thanks hussie we owe you one

ok I’m out of picture slots but

TMNT: are the turtles related????? I didn’t know this. I am totally unaware of this fandom.

naruto: somehow, I never watched naruto

elricest: a damn classic, exactly the amount of Sad that I live for

I think I retroactively earned the callout now. whew. close one. somebody on tumblr almost made a baseless accusation against someone with no evidence

What about Wincest?


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