apparently in some folklore if a werewolf dies there’s a chance it could come back as a vampire

someone write this i am begging you

In my fundamental forces elemental setting, striga are this!

They go through two life stages. Strigoi viu are basically werewolves or wereravens, depending on a bunch of individual factors. After they die, as long as they weren’t killed by something that perma-kills them (such as silver), they come back as a strigoi mort, which is a shapeshifting Dracula-esque vampire.

Incidentally, I also have an unrelated species of vampires with no connection to werewolves. They have a different powerset and weaknesses (for example strigoi mort have their powers suppressed by sunlight while vampires are actually hurt by sunlight), and strigoi are hereditary while vampires are turned.

I really should get around to writing that BDSM romance between a strigoi viu trans guy and a vampire trans woman at some point. It’ll probably get into the mechanics and culture of strigoi a lot more – the other stories they show up in just as minor characters.


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