I’m planning to do a Diapercember series this December on AO3, focusing on my OCs Nick and Zoldrak (and skipping a few that make no sense for them). But I have a question. I’m filling the prompts out of chronological order. (Eg so far the earliest one is day 17, followed by day 11, then day 4, then day 1, then day 19, etc.) And sometimes the prompt fills don’t necessarily make much sense out of chronological order. (Day 15 features a meltdown, day 8 is the comfort afterwards, for example.)

So, my question is:

  • Should I post the prompt fills on the corresponding day, but slot them into the right spot chronologically?
  • Should I post them in chronological order to begin with?
  • Should I post them in order of the days, but with notes showing their chronological order, and a master list in chronological order?

If no one weighs in otherwise, I’m leaning towards option #1.

OK, I’ve figured out a solution.

I’ll post them in prompt order to a Diapercember collection (or maybe a series?), and in chronological order to a Nick & Zoldrak series. Which will also include stuff from other prompt lists, too.

I may also add in the Diapercember prompts that don’t make sense for Nick & Zoldrak, featuring different characters. They’ll be in the Diapercember collection but not the Nick & Zoldrak series.


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