Fun Fact: Animal Identities

You can be a furry, you can work that damn costume girl, I’m all for it, but being a furry doesn’t make you “part dog” or ‘part dragon” or whatever. 1) Our [human] genes are not compatible with any other species, therefore, you can not be part-animal. 2) You most likely don’t have an astral-tail or any of those things, you’ve just got an active imagination. Being a furry doesn’t mean you are actually that animal.

Edit: I’m not saying that Phantom Limb Syndrome doesn’t exist, it very much does, I’m just saying there aren’t enough studies yet to prove that you can have this disorder for a limb you’ve never had. If somebody can link me to some articles on having PLS for a tail or wings, I will happily read it and thank you.

I’m not against furries or otherkin, they deserve to be here just as everyone does, but the people who truly believe they’re part animal need to have a reality check before they go and do something that harms themself or others. I am not insisting that being a furry means you’re instantly like this.

As always, if you can find me a scholarly article disproving this, i will read it and take this post down.

You don’t understand how science works.

There is a ton of difference between “this hasn’t been studied, as far as I’m aware” and “this doesn’t exist”. I see a lot of people getting confused about this concept, so let’s sum it up in big fancy letters:

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

When you look for research into something and find nothing, especially if it’s something that you have anecdotal evidence for, the correct response is not to say “I guess it doesn’t exist”. The correct response is to say “someone should study this more closely”.

Are otherkin delusional? Then we’d expect to see high rates of other psychosis-spectrum conditions, like schizophrenia, schizotypal personality, paranoid personality, etc. (Although the way many anti-kin treat otherkin would be inappropriate towards someone with psychotic symptoms, too.)

Is the otherkin phenomenon more closely related to identity differences such as transgender and BIID? Then we’d expect to see phenomenon like body image/reality mismatch, knowing the physical reality but feeling better when treated the way they identify, etc.

Is otherkin more of an unconventional religious belief? Then you’d expect to see correlations with personality traits linked to religiosity, otherkin experiences linked with religious activities, etc.

But currently, we can’t support any one of those hypotheses on a scientific basis, because the research hasn’t been done.


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