I’m not a skilled driver. I never hear people say this about themselves. I think we need to normalize admitting you’re a bad driver, the way people admit they’re bad cooks or bad at DIY or whatever. It matters because unskilled cooking doesn’t literally kill people (usually) but unskilled driving does. For some reason bad drivers are generally unaware of their deficiencies or unwilling to admit to them.

We should also normalize not driving if you don’t believe you can do it safely. I don’t have the reaction time or executive function to drive capably, so I don’t drive. You wouldn’t believe how many people have tried to convince me that I should just do it anyway, that I’ll improve with practice – as though that practice doesn’t have a decent chance of being deadly to me or someone else. Driving is not a god-given right; it’s not something a person deserves to do by mere virtue of being old enough.

And driving is not the definition of adulthood. Someone not driving doesn’t mean they’re a child.


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