I also sometimes wish I wasn’t a shining example of the “Moar suffering = moar valid” idea of alterhumanity. Because I see a disturbing trend sometimes of people purposefully searching for painful “kin memories” and not valuing good and positive ones, or of wondering if you need dysphoria to be kin/nonhuman/whatever, or even the old sentiment of “being kin is a bad coping mechanism because I need coping mechanisms to deal with being kin” (which isn’t a lie for a lot of people, but also doesn’t exist in a vacuum relative to these other points) and other things along those lines. 

Like, there seems to be an emphasis on suffering and emotional distress as a marker of “realness” and that’s. A problem. It’s a big part of why anti-kin who are “former kin to cope” have the bad experiences that lead them to being anti-kin in the first place. And it’s NOT just a “Tumblr misinformation thing.” 

But I can’t lie and say I’m not. A pretty perfect example of “my experiences are closer to my current lived reality in a way that not even ‘kin seem to understand because the memories and feelings I have are particularly painful and traumatic in an actual clinical sense.” ;;

Like, I’d love to talk about something good about my experiences, but the things I remember most are uh. All shit. My other lives? All preeetty sad. Or eventful in the “may you live in interesting times” cursed kind of way. ;; I just don’t have much luck there. ^^;; ; ? doesn’t help that I’m bound to get some kinda fictionflicker from Deltarune coming up here as I play it, I can feel it in me bones :V

The problem isn’t individuals who happen to fit a stereotype, the problem is people who apply that stereotype to the people it doesn’t fit.


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