This is a positivity post for the kind of person Tumblr thinks is a tryhard hipster (or worse, a walking MPDG stereotype, even though applying the MPDG trope to people in real life is gross because real people aren’t male author fantasies.)

Nerdy, book-loving women and people assumed to be women, who don’t like small talk, get too invested in fandoms, and can’t put on makeup the right way– you are loved, you are valuable, you are not “trying too hard to be special.” I am one of you. 

Inb4 “nerds aren’t oppressed”– This post does not mention oppression. Go away.

#i wonder if the whol ‘nerds aren’t opressed’ thing might actually be a coded attack on autistic people#that people are justifying b/c male Fake Geek Dudes are sexually entitled pricks#i mean look at these buttons#like ¾ths of these are common autistic traits

Oh, the whole “nerds/introverts aren’t oppressed” thing ABSOLUTELY is thinly-veiled anti-Autistic ableism. But the thing is that saying “you’re not allowed to complain about the way you’re mistreated by others for being a nerd or an introvert, unless you’re Autistic, in which case you can because then it’s Actual Oppression” forces people to disclose things about themselves that they’re not comfortable disclosing. 

The thing I hate about Tumblr’s autism advocacy (really, Tumblr’s disability advocacy as a whole) is that they learn only enough about us as they know about every other disprivileged demographic– namely, that we’re Different, and Oppressed, and that us being different is only okay because we’re oppressed.

But, like, if we make a point of saying that the things we do are okay for everyone to do, then not only will it be safer for us to do those things, but Autistic people who don’t want to disclose the fact that they’re Autistic will be safe to be themselves without feeling pressured into disclosing. 

(Also, “they’re oppressed” is a really shitty reason to listen to someone, and it reeks of pity. “Their perspective and experiences are valuable” is so much better, don’t you think?)

[id: dark blue circles on purple backgrounds, with white all-caps text saying:

“Having interests is okay”

“Your interests don’t make you ‘fake deep’”

“Liking sci-fi and fantasy is okay”

“Being an introvert is okay”

“Talking about books doesn’t make a person pretentious”

“Not liking small talk isn’t pretentious either”

“‘Let people enjoy things’ applies to ‘weird’ things too”

“Me thinking that reality tv is pointless isn’t an attack on you”

“Seriously this kind of attitude was stale in tenth grade” 

/end id]

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