some ppl who grew up with siblings didnt rly Grow Up With Siblings. like if you and your brother are 10 yrs apart u just dont get it… if you had siblings within 3yrs of your age you had the genuine experience of primitive undeveloped human brains pummeling the shit out of each other because none of us have developed frontal cortices and the laws of man don’t apply in the confines of this house

Lol when you’re between the 10 year and 3 year gap and you walk the fine line between a weird semi-parent/kid relationship and a pummel the everliving shit out of each other relationship.

I’m sick of this idea that ‘real siblings hate each other’. As far as I’m concerned, if you hate your sibling and/or they hate you, something has gone wrong. The notes are full of people describing straight-up abuse as if it’s ‘normal sibling rivalry’, and it’s really sad.


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