I think the ‘absurdity of the source material being directly related to how kinky fanworks get’ also has a pretty strong correlation with how abstracted the characters are in the original style. Personal experience, live-action shows have never held a candle to fandoms where characters are either simplified enough (or books where there’s no official visual reference) that fans can just project whatever darn looks they want on them.


YEAH…… like I can think of a couple exceptions but by and large? Anything that involves real people gets waaaaaay less weird on average than anything that involves cartoons.

(On……. mean? Maybe not average, because live action shows and RPF have some crazy fucking outliers.)

tbh I think that the more you leave to people’s imagininations, the more those imaginations are going to conjure Sex. Just, so much, goddamn sex.

One Direction and BTS fanfic can get pretty intensely kinky, in my experience. Then again, I tend to read by topic and not fandom, so I can’t tell if the kinky fics are a big part of the fandom or just a tiny minority of a huge fandom.


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