The way I see it, there’s probably some people who are legitimately non-binary, meaning neither male nor female. We know what the brains of man and women roughly look like. This is part of the scientific evidence for being transgender. I’d be surprised if none of the 6 billion humans on Earth has a brain that falls outside of these categories. But a lot of the people who claim to be non-binary aren’t actually that, and are just claiming it to look cool and get attention on the lgbt+ internet.








I see what you’re saying, and I agree to some extent.

If being “non binary” were legitimate – and please excuse my terrible scientific language, I hope that this makes sense – then it would randomly affect people due to whatever mutations or womb-hormones etc made them that way.

But doesn’t it strike you as strange that we’re supposed to accept that this random quirk of biology exists and somehow only affects people that have Leftist (or, most commonly, far-Leftist) political views? 

I mean, if that changes and there are some hard-Right-wingers that say that they’re “non binary,” then of course I’ll be more than happy to reevaluate my views and most probably change them.

But you know what I’m saying here.

You could say the same thing about being gay or trans. I‘ve literally never heard of a politically right leaning trans or gay person, doesn’t mean I think all trans and ga people are “faking it” or whatever.

You’re joking, though, right?

I mean, we’ll put aside the likes of Blaire White and Milo Yiannopoulos for a moment. We’ll even ignore that the leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Ruth Davidson, who’s a lesbian, and forget other LGBT Right-leaning politicians. We’ll even put aside the Log Cabin Republicans in the US, along with the other LGBT organisations in Right-wing political parties.

We’re on Tumblr. In Discourse Tumblr Hell – of which I am clearly a part – you can easily find LGBT people who are all over the political spectrum.

I mean, look at trans people for example. You’ve got everyone from far-Left “You don’t need dysphoria to be trans even though I have it” trans people, to “I have gender dysphoria and am trans but am also a TERF” people, all the way across the political spectrum to the most infamous trans Nazi Wasp.

So please don’t attempt to deliberately misinterpret my argument and then dismiss my views about the “non binary genders” as a hand-waved “people are faking” when I make it very clear that I believe that the vast majority of those people that use those labels are misinformed and confused and have other labels or issues that have encouraged them to use it.

You know exactly what I’m saying, and I’m sorry, but that kind of passive-aggressive nonsense could easily be avoided by proving me wrong and finding me a single politically-Right leaning person on Tumblr that unironically and seriously uses the term “non binary” to describe themselves.

But I genuinely don’t believe that you can.

And that is absolutely my point. 

Instead of deciding the validity of non-binary people based on their political alignment, maybe we should just openly acknowledge that some people may experience gender dysphoria on both sides of the “gender spectrum” and leave it at that. Because it’s ridiculous to base the legitimacy of an identity on whatever political alignment happens to be most prominent (or which political alignment happens to be the loudest and most recognizable) within the group. Just a thought.

You can be as sarcastic as you want…

…but we both know that my argument is valid, and because you don’t like it, you’re forced to misrepresent it.

The point is that innate identity labels have nothing to do with political thoughts and ideas. Thoughts and ideas change. Identity labels do not. Sure, there are people convinced that they’re one thing and then realise that they were actually another thing all along, but that’s not the issue.

At the end of the day, you could quite easily prove me wrong by showing me different individuals with those differing beliefs. 

But while I’m sitting here, able to show you examples of every other identity represented across the board, apparently you and others can’t show me a single example of a Right-wing person that sincerely calls themselves “non binary.” 

It’s not about which group is “most prominent.” It’s about accepting that if an identity label is contained only within a specific set of personal ideals – ideals which are not innate, are informed and can change – then there is clearly something dodgy about that label.

So if you’re going to argue with me, then at least have the decency to argue the point or prove me wrong and not simply throw a tantrum because I’ve pointed out something that makes you uncomfortable.

Your argument really, truly isn’t based in logic nor reason. Your argument literally amounts to “I don’t believe this identity to be legitimate because everyone I have met within it so far has been more liberal than conservative.”

Now, you can view it that way if you want. But given that you yourself have claimed that political thoughts and ideas are separate from identity labels–something which isn’t true from an entirely literal sense given that certain identities are innately intertwined with politics and that’s just how it is, just want to point that out–then why is it that you’re going after non-binary people? It doesn’t make sense.

The dysphoria I experience and my resulting gender identity has nothing to do with my political alignment and opinions. Political alignment are affected by numerous things, to be certain–and while my experiences AROUND my dysphoria and gender may lend to them in some way, my dysphoria and gender identity are not dictated by my politics. It doesn’t make sense to be suggesting such. In example, saying that just because I (a vision impaired and homeless queer) want universal healthcare (a traditionally liberal desire) that therefore my gender identity is illegitimate, doesn’t make sense. It just doesn’t. No correlation, no causation. Acting smug over in-tag sarcasm doesn’t change that.

Hey, OP! I found the nonbinary right-winger!

I tried to reblog this to my discourse blog with a long post, twice, and Tumblr ate it both times, so I’m not sure if someone has blocked my discourse blog or what, but my main doesn’t seem to be blocked by either of you so I’m just going to attempt to briefly recapitulate here the reasons why there aren’t more nonbinary conservatives to be found:

  • Self-selection bias is a thing – political affiliation is a choice. Not hanging around with people who want to kill you is the choice that most people make.

Despite this, I keep meeting nb people who earnestly advocate conservative views (I spend most of my time on @lines-and-edges complaining about them and their binary lgbtq+ peers). They just don’t want to associate with people who use identity labels like right-wing or conservative, because right now those identity labels are associated with hating or denying the existence of nb people.

  • In-group jargon is also a thing. I have met Republicans who say “well I’m not really a man or a woman but I was born this way and I guess I’m just sort of going along with it,” which is basically the socially acceptable option for them, I guess?

Anyway, despite all this, there’s at least one nonbinary conservative Trump supporter, who I linked to at the beginning of the post.

“Thoughts and ideas change. Identity labels do not.”

Seriously, WTF is this ahistorical bullshit? The concept of sexual orientation is only a couple hundred years old! Of course identity labels change! They’re linguistic terms! Languages are not universal!


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