Interesting quiz. Not sure if reliable or not.

I scored very low on everything except for narcissism and greed on which I came out high, which is interesting to me.

My guess is I got those scores because I said that I thought I’m special and because I want to use my gifts in a way that matters to the world.

I guess that could be narcissistic? but I always thought that narcissism was about not wanting to accept that you can be wrong about things (like trump turning the U.N. laughing into “I meant to do that”) or that others can be better than you at things, and I’m not sure I have problems with those things…?

I ranked high on greed and psychological entitlement, low to middling on everything else.

Honestly I feel like the greed part is The Human Condition circa now and here? “Greed is the dissatisfaction of not having enough, combined with the desire to acquire more, i.e. an insatiable desire for more resources, monetary or other.” Like, if that doesn’t describe you in some meaningful degree in 2018 America, are you even awake. I stand by my score and rank (4 out of 5, 89%) as literally common fucking sense. If they really want to get this test validated as a psychological instrument they need to either change up the questions or look at that subscale against the robustness of the local safety net and current politics and socioeconomics in respondents’ countries of residence and adjust the scoring; it’s a huge confounder, something like regional cost-of-living adjustment in a minimum wage discussion but worse. I think that age too is probably a confounder here, but it’d be hellishly heterogeneously multifactorial and hard to tease out.

The psychological entitlement result is sobering prima facie, but in this case my absolute score is lower than my rank (3 out of 5, 84%) and I feel like assorted actual demographics and contingencies are the drivers here. That sort of thing I wouldn’t expect a test like this to account for. Big picture I think this rank result may say something about Shitty Urban Elitism (self, others) but am disinclined to take it personally, so to speak.

I can certainly see the difficulty of formulating the right questions on a test like this.

I took it twice and I was either around 40% for entitlement or way high. I get the sense it was measuring “do you assess yourself as smart/talented/gifted” as much as “if you do, do you think this makes you better than others.”

And I don’t see the first of those as especially dark. I mean, I know some people flat out say stuff like “intelligence is ableist” but I’ve never agreed. Surely if disabilities exist and mean “this person is limited in ability to do this relative to the average,” hyper-abilities exist also? And surely some people have these and are aware of it?

Or are we Dunning-Krogering SO HARD that we assume these people exist, but would never think of themselves as talented, skilled, or both?

I feel like in order to be a “good gifted person”, in the eyes of society, you have to have low self-esteem.


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