30 Days of Kink: Day 6 redux

Describe your weirdest/most interesting sexual fantasy.

Last time, I mentioned four of my stories, so I think I’ll update on how those are going.

First was the psychic vampire that drains whatever ability the victim was most currently using when she fed on them. This story was already mostly abandoned when I last did this challenge, and I have not returned to it since. I think I probably never will.

The ABDL kidnapper who accidentally got a magophage along with her intended victim was second. That one is finished, but still unpublished. Maybe I should get around to putting it on AO3 at some point. I was considering potentially having it lead into a sequel, but who knows?

The pirate queen story I have not worked on since the last time I did this challenge, but I very much intend to do so in the future. I’ve been considering posting book one on AO3 once I get it typed up.

The pee soulmate story is being posted on AO3 under the title Finding Love Through Pee. I intended it as just a short open-ended piece, but it got the most positive reception of any of my stories, so I decided to try to continue it. I have no idea where it’s going or whether I’ll finish it, but I’ve been posting semi-regularly to it, so we’ll see.

And now for some new ones:

I just recently wrote an incomplete little thing inspired by a character in a TV show who’s faking paraplegia for some nefarious purpose. The scene features a serial killer who fakes paraplegia getting caught by some woman with a strange power who makes him actually paralyzed, and then kicks his ass in a fight. I’ll probably do something more with this concept, but I’m still unsure if I’ll continue what I’ve written or reboot it altogether.

I’ve been working some more on Faeranduil vs Reluvethel, an incomplete story I’d had posted on Daily Diapers, but it was lost when they had a server thing awhile back. Luckily, I keep backups of all of my creative writing, so I’ve been editing it and writing more, and I think once I’m finished I’ll post it on AO3. The main characters are two elven princes in the ancient elven kingdom that acts as precursers to my & my brother’s D&D setting. Faeranduil is the younger prince, but he really wants the throne anyway, so he starts inventing these magical items to strip away his brother’s abilities.


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