Thread on abortion. Men bear no responsibility. Women are expected to suffer. This is part of our patriarchal culture and it has to change.

I was with her at first, but forced genital mutilation is not OK, and it’s not in any way comparable to someone going through an unwanted pregnancy. The fact that biology has caused AFAB people to experience more consequences from an unwanted conception is not the fault of AMAB people, and it’s not right to punish them.

Plus, ejaculation doesn’t equal pleasure or consent. It’s an involuntary physiological response that is *usually but not always* pleasurable.

Condoms can fail, or be sabotaged. (There’s a thing some women do of poking holes in condoms to try to get pregnant and guilt the guy into staying for the child.) Men can be sexually assaulted, including being forced to penetrate someone. (Again, erections and ejaculation are physiological responses triggered by sensory stimulation. They are no more voluntary than giggling when tickled.) And men can be tricked or pressured into unsafe sex through emotional manipulation, blackmail, etc, just like anyone else.

Plus, a discarded, used condom can occasionally be used to cause pregnancy without the person who ejaculated into it being present or even aware. It’s less likely if the condom has spermicide on it, which most do, but turning a used condom inside out and inserting it can cause pregnancy. There are some cases of pregnancies that occurred this way.


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