political discourse is OUT fictional alien biology discourse is IN

#do you mean like dicks or like how do xenomorphs breathe  #is this a horny post or not op

this is a post about how andalites should not have chins

Their skull protects their brains right? Would a spherical shape have been more advantageous? Or is there something about the shape of the jaw that adds some form of protection. Or, maybe its a sex thing? Like, peacock feathers have no need to be that big but they are. Maybe Andalite jaws are just their version of sexy peacock feathers.

If there was going to be a part of Andalite anatomy that was used to attract a mate I think it’d be the tail blade.

See but that’s functional. And we know from our own earth creatures that function has no bearing on whether or not a particular thing is latched onto as the sexy thing.

Yeah, but when talking about things specifically used for attracting mates (like peacock feathers) it has to be something flashy, the jaw doesn’t seem like something that would do that. Of course Earth biology doesn’t necessarily apply to aliens.

Could’ve sworn there’s a primate that has a bulbous nose, and the bigger it was, the more appealing he was to females of his species.

Proboscis monkeys.


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