Hmm I’m not very knowledgeable about this, but isn’t it bad to say that queer history has ties to kink in the past? bc it’s quite a separate struggle, and also implies that there’s something inherently kinky and sexual and deviant about LGBT identities?




I don’t think that saying it had ties to it is inherently bad because it’s not saying LGBTQ+ identities are inherently kinky. I think it’s more of saying “hey they often used this as a resource or were the frontrunners in this situation” 

Mod Bethany

Actually, I’d say that erasing the large overlap and connection between queer and kink communities would be bad. Using the erasure of the past to try to make queer communities look more sanitized is bordering on, if not actual, respectability politics and assimilationism.

Saying that two communities have a shared history isn’t trying to say that the two are one and the same. I know that some people will claim it is, which is where the whole idea of saying that kink and queer communities have a shared history will imply that queer identities are sexually deviant. But we shouldn’t erase history to please those of the oppressor class who do use our history against us, because it’s much more important to oppose the oppressor class than to appeal to them.

erasing your own history to pander to cishets is the last thing on earth we should be doing. our history is valuable. our deviancy is core to our activism. assimilationist policing of your own people will never not be regressive

Anon, is saying that there’s a great deal of historical overlap between the history of GNC cis gay people and straight trans people bad? Because there are big important differences between those two groups, and they’ve had a lot of different struggles, and part of the oppression for straight trans people includes being associated with GNC cis gays and misgendered as a result.

And yet, they’re also targeted by a lot of the same prejudice and historically have often been allies and sharing the same communities. And I’m guessing by your use of the LGBT acronym, you don’t have an objection to grouping cis gays and straight trans people together.

Is it only because you hate one of the groups that you object to people acknowledging their shared history?


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