30 Days of Kink: Day 30 redux

Write or create a list of whatever BDSM/kink related thing you want to.

I think I maybe linked to other people’s 30 days of kink last time? I don’t remember.

This time, I think I’ll complete ABDL quizzes.

ABDL or not quiz

Answering the questions literally gives me 92% neither, 10% diaper lover, and 0% adult baby.

If I swap the pronouns to fit the dominant role, it gives me 89% diaper lover, 13% adult baby, and 0% neither.

I’m certainly not only into diapers/incontinence – I like mental regression – but my interest is in turning them into a mentally impaired adult, not a child, so things like sippy cups, pacifiers and calling the caregiver mommy/daddy have no appeal to me.

ABDL Age Quiz!!

Answering the questions as intended, I get:

  • older child (age 8-12) 91%
  • young child (age 5-8) 87%
  • older preschooler (4-5) 39%
  • all other ages 0%

Swapping pronouns, I get:

  • older toddler (24-36 months) 86%
  • young toddler (age 12-24 months) 65%
  • infant (age 6-12 months) 64%
  • older preschooler (4-5 years old) 52%
  • young preschooler (3-4 years old) 48%
  • young child (age 5-8) 45%
  • older child (age 8-12) 45%

Again, it mixes together babyish accessories with babyish functioning, when I’m only interested in the latter. (If accessories are needed, I’d choose disability-related accessories over babyish ones – for example, I prefer wheelchairs to strollers in my kink fic.) Even so, I think it’s mostly right, although I’d probably set it more around young toddler than older toddler.

Are you an adult baby?

Answering as intended, I get Adult or Teen (Babyness 16%).

Switching pronouns, I get Kid (Babyness 43%).

Using only a single scale makes this a crude measurement.

Are you an ABDL or Little? If so, what kind?

I got Diaper Lover.

This one didn’t really make sense switching pronouns, so I didn’t.

An ABDL Quiz! (forum thread quiz)

1. Ab or dl?
Neither – I’m into forced mental regression of others.

2. Sissy or boy all the way?
I’m a nonbinary girl. My typical gender expression is fairly neutral to slightly masculine, I think.

3. How often do you wear?
I never wear diapers.

4. How do they make you feel?
Diapers on me feels unpleasant, or at least it did last time I wore any (for bedwetting as a child). Even pads are too diaper-like for my liking, so I use tampons.

Diapers on someone else makes me wonder if they need to use them. Imagining the person wetting them involuntarily, trying to stop the flow but the muscles don’t respond, gets me feeling excited and turned on.

5. What brand(s) are your favorite?
I can’t really keep diaper brands straight, nor do I really care. I guess just something that does its’ job. I do have a bit of a fondness for wetness indicators. I like how if they’re wearing a diaper with a wetness indicator and nothing over top, there’s absolutely no hiding that they’ve wet.

I also like when they try to go without diapers and have an accident, thereby proving they need the diapers.

6. Do you regress? If so how far?
I don’t personally regress, no.

I like mental regression, though I also like incontinence without regression. However, the mental regression I like is more cognitive impairment than reduced mental age.

7. Accessories that go along with your diaper wearing?
Depends on the fantasy. Usually just diapers under regular clothes or naked-except for diapers, but I have fantasized about onesies for preventing diaper access because they’re too mentally impaired to be trusted with access to their diapers. Wheelchairs, AAC devices, and limb braces have also featured in several fantasies.

8. Do you tell anybody?
I’ve told seven people.

9. Do your parents or guardians know?
My parents know, yes.

10. Final question. How many people do you know that wear diapers?
No one IRL, although I used to volunteer with developmentally disabled people and some of them wore diapers. Online, my RP partner wears diapers due to spina bifida – he’s even sent me pictures of what brands of diapers he wears.

11. Do you wear in front of other people?
I don’t wear diapers at all.

12. Have you Diapered other people?
Only my younger brother when he was a toddler. Even when I was volunteering, someone else handled the diaper changes.

13. How do you like your diapers?
I have no idea what this means.


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