Hot take

You can’t separate out polyamory and kink and queer communities overlapping history into neat little, mutually exclusive time lines because you think kink is yucky or because you have some weird hate torch you’re carrying for polyamorous people.

The three communities developed together, symbiotically, and still overlap in many of the same ways today.

To exclude kinky and poly points of view from queer discussions is ignorant, ahistorical, and a byproduct of an assimilationist outlook that ultimately only rewards cis, white, monosex, middle/upper class, perisex, abled WASP types who try their best to look as straight as possible while throwing everyone else under the bus for their own benefit.

It also silences kinky and/or poly queer people who want to (rightfully) discuss their overlapping identities and the ways the cishetero/monogamous/sex-negative society we live in views them.

This is a gross cold take OP. Bullshit like this makes it impossible for LGBT kids to safely go to pride parades. As well as validates homophobes who see being LGBT as inherently sexual. Also fuck you for appropriating the term cultural assimilation to mean “normal people who don’t want to let kinksters into LGBT pride parades.” Get your racist BS out of here.

When someone once again mistakes my post about intertwined history to mean “I think queer identities are inherently sexual” while also ignoring that kink spaces were primarily where poor queer folks and qpoc hung out when respectability politics kicked them aside 🙄🙄🙄

When that same person then misunderstands “assimilation” to be “cultural appropriation” which isn’t even remotely what I said 🙄🙄🙄

Lmao just so you know assimilation is when members of the queer community who are privileged on other axes seek to blend into cisheteronormative society and throw other queer folks under the bus, because it puts their safety at risk and they’d rather pander to normative society than help other queers.

And yes absolutely keep pushing the idea that allowing assimilation and the rewriting of queer history is safe for kids. Please continue to think that the destruction of queer history and the maintenance of what we currently consider “normal” isn’t directly contributing to the mental health and suicide crisis in queer youth.

Keep lettin that Christian fundamental/terf attitude of “sex is yucky and any knowledge of it is dangerous, eradicate sex education, you’re only a good person if you fuck the way I say you should” make your judgements for you.

And then keep telling me I’m the harmful one lmao

I like how you didn’t even try to explain how it’s safe for LGBT kids to allow kinksters into the LGBT community. But have fun playing victim instead of realizing that you’re calling all LGBT kids kinksters by saying that kinkster culture is inherently LGBT.

There is so much wrong with your addition, it’s not even funny.

  • You act like the LGBT community is all children or at least child-friendly. You do realize there are LGBT adults, right? Who want to do adult-only things with other LGBT people? And who need safe spaces to do things that children should not be involved in?
  • You act like LGBT kids should be able to dictate who belongs in a community that has existed for decades before they were even born. Why should we cater to a bunch of whiny kids who want to wreck what we’ve worked decades to build?
  • You act like kinky kids don’t exist. It’s not like some sort of switch flips when you turn 18, do you get that? Kids shouldn’t be practicing most forms of kink until they’re older, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t kinky. I personally have had a mind control kink since I was at least four years old, and my experience is far from unusual.
  • You act like saying kink is part of LGBT is calling LGBT kinksters. Is saying trans is part of LGBT calling cis LGB people trans? Because that makes about as much sense as your claim.
  • You act like being called kinksters is a bad thing. SWERF much?

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